The SMH Schweizerische Metallhandels AG –
Your partner repository for strategic metals

SMH Schweizerische Metallhandels AG concentrates first and foremost on securing and safeguarding your assets. Switzerland is known round the world for the security it provides. Your strategic metals will be stored in a special safe in the high-security, duty-free bonded warehouse in Embrach, Switzerland. (ZF Embraport)

In storing your strategic metals, we guarantee special bank-grade security standards:

Security class 1, bank status
24-hour warehouse monitoring
360° video monitoring
Vibration and motion detectors
Direct link to police
Access to storage areas only upon prior notification of and approval by customs
All movement of goods under direct supervision of customs officials
All stored metals are fully insured

The same terms apply to placement in storage of your precious metals.

In order to provide our clients with the highest degree of security and transparency, our storage facilities are regularly inspected by auditors and prominent materials testing institutes monitor the metals for completeness ad purity.


  • Reasonably priced storage fees and complete transparency
  • 100 percent physical ownership
  • Clearly designated by owner and ready for re-export at any time

Maximum Security

  • Crisis-proof storage in Switzerland
  • Special warehouse security standards
  • Optimum protection and continuous monitoring

Would you like to inspect your safe?

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